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AMCA Arabic School

Teaching kids arabic from 4.5 years old to 18 years old!

Our school:
With the blessing of Allah and the participation of the community we started Arabic classes in the beginning of Term 3, 2011. At that stage we had only one class with three levels run by one teacher under the roof of Artarmon Public School Hall. AMCA Arabic School was accredited by the NSW Federation of Community Language School in 2012. The student population is diverse with 27% of pupils coming from non-Arabic speaking backgrounds. 
Thanks to Allah the school student population is growing slowly, from one class in 2011 to two class in 2012 and 2013. Last year in 2015 we ran 2 classes with 5 sub-groups. This year in 2016 we have 3 classes with 6 sub-groups.


School Hours on Sunday:

9:15am Student Supervision Begins

9:30am Classes begin

11:30am - 12:00pm Recess

1:00pm School Finishing Time




We can't wait to hear from you! Contact us today to arrange a free trial for your child!

Principle's Message

Welcome to our school. AMCA Arabic School is more than just a school, it is a seed of a respectful learning community where we can all participate in nourishing the learning process of our young children. We encourage families to be actively involved in the education of their beloved children, so we all will enjoy the fruits of their development and personal skills for the future.

At AMCA Arabic School children, parents and teachers work collaboratively to create a safe and caring learning environment. 

Our dedicated teachers work together to develop exciting and challenging learning experience to help the children who learn in different ways and rates. So each level will rotate and have the privilege of learning Arabic for two hours and one hour of reciting Quran with tajweed in the presence of our professional teacher.

-Sabah Shibli

Rules & policies

Values are taught in the school are to help our students to:

1-develop a love of learning
2-develop care and respect for themselves and others
3-value the Arabic language and it's importance.
4-respect Islam and try to be a good example 










Contact the School coordinator directly here:

All students are expected to:

1-Attend all arabic school days, unless they are legally excused
2-Be in class on time and prepared to learn
3-Behave safely, considerately and responsibly.
4-Follow class rules, speak courteously and cooperate with instructions and learning activities
5-Treat staff, other students and members of the school community with dignity and respect
6-Care for property belonging to themselves, the school or others.

Any behaviour that interferes with other people's safety such as harassment, bullying or any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated at our school.

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Our Teachers

Heba Ramadan

  • Arabic School Teacher

Nancy Altal 

  • Arabic School Teacher

Youssef Hassan 

  • Arabic School Teacher

  • Sheikh

Nesreen Abualzait

  • Arabic School Teacher

Sabah Shibli

  • School coordinatior/Principal

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Chatswood Public School

(Pacific Hwy Entrance)


5 Centennial Ave,

Chatswood NSW 2067


Come visit the school grounds and determine whether or not its right for you!

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